Multiple Exposures: Zoom Technique

dsc_0117After I made that last post I remembered some other, more recent, multiple exposures I had created.  This year’s colors on the Blue Ridge Parkway were spectacular with almost unbelievable colors.   This is in Graveyard Fields, which had many hues of red.  Here, with the camera on a tripod, I took a multiple exposure but with a twist.  Of the zoom.  This was taken with my Nikon d200 and a Sigma 18-200mm lenses.  This is a consumer grade lens.  It makes everything soft and almost painted.  I can’t recall what the total number of exposures were.  I’m guessing 3.  …  The technique is a small “wracking of the lens” with multiple exposures.  After taking the first exposure, I twisted the zoom (wracked) a tiny bit.  That’s why there is a sense of the leaves moving out of the center.  You’ll notice that the slender bare tree trunks are repeated, although fainter as you go out.

Another way of using your camera to make magic with light!


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