I’m Back

I hadn’t really intended to go so long without an entry but several things have comspired against me!  I had a major technological breakdown.  My HP Pavilion dv9000 died.  I mean it literally melted down.  It appears that there is a whole class of these laptops where the motherboard literally delaminates after use and it fries everything.  There’s even a class action lawsuit as a result!  So I lost everything, all my programs and a lot of setups.  It’s a real pain having to call Adobe and get all my CS3 programs released so I can get them to reinstall.  All those emails from friends and email receipts and such.  Luckily, I’ve store all my pictures on a seperate hard drive as well.  But all those programs with all those settings! 

It’s now back from HP, although I really wished they had just sent me a new one.  I guess I’ll just hope that this lasts more than the 18 months it did originally, although, according to many folks out there, repeat melt downs are not uncommon.  

I’ll try to get back into the rythym of posting again now that I have my “digital darkroom” back up and running.


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