Soft Light

I took a short hike into the Olympic National Forest a few weekends ago.  As usual, I simply headed out without out too much research and just let the day and road take to wherever it wanted to.  It’s a style of travel that I’ve done since the late 70’s and one that I apply to a lot of my life with a lot of interesting results!  But it’s taken me to so many wonderful experiences that I prefer it over the alternative of looking into guide books, maps, online, talk to other people type of travel.  This image is from the Elkhorn Campground area.  Which was a drive in campground until a slide took out the road about a mile away.

The late afternoon light was beautiful for this type of image, as it filtered through a thin overcast cloud layer.  Overcast fall days a great for getting an even soft light look.  I’m now getting to the point were I can anticipate a lot of the emotion I can extract with the camera and what the image will look like in camera.  I saw this image fairly clearly in my mind and I was pleased to see it come out in the camera.

Elkhorn Campground


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