Other Photographers who shoot to save cetaceans

Bryant Austin is a photographer working to capture and then print life-size photographs of whales.  Imagine, life-size photographs!  I remember as child seeing the full size replica of a blue whale at the Smithsonian in D.C.  and being overwhelmed at its size.  But as a photographer, I can only sit here amazed not only by the size of the images, bu at the scope of the work.  Read more at http://www.mmcta.org/

Another photographer, one famous for his iconic work as a stock photographer, is Louis Psihoyos.  His images have been seen in countless National Geographic issues as well as all the major magazines.  His most recent project resulted in the documentary film, The Cove.   This film documents the slaughter of dolphins in Japan. This past Friday, January 15th “The Cove” was honored with the Best Documentary Feature Award from the Broadcast Film Critics Association at the 15th Annual Critics Choice Awards.

I rented “The Cove” locally without a clue as to what it was about other than it was a project by Louis Psihoyos who images I had admired.  I was stunned by the film.  If you care about cetaceans and the oceans, which as an Islander I would hope you do, you should see this film.  I caution showing it to children without seeing it for yourself first however.


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