Seeing Photography, More Thoughts

As I’ve mentioned and eluded to in recent posts, I’m in the process of discovery of looking at photography from a more critical eye.  One of the interesting things that I’ve discovered is the difference of an image standing alone, and an image when placed in context with supporting text.  The concept “a pictures worth a thousand words” no longer seems to hold the value for me it once had.  I’m amazed, at myself, how discovering the process, the intent, the context of an image adds significant value to my ability to appreciate it, regardless of my first impressions on aesthetics.

So as a form of personal exercise, and in hopes of garnering more comments, I’m going to go back to the archives and share some older images that I’ve always felt most people missed the “point” in hopes of getting a better sense of whether or not the inclusion of text makes any difference to you.   I’ll start with images where I might have been attempting to be too clever in working with a found object to use as a metaphor for something else.


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