Wood Warrior

Once again, another image that falls into somewhat of a “clever” capture category.  I wonder then, if it’s too clever, too obvious or even whether to worry about it all.  I was working on a series of driftwood faces at this point, so in that context I liked it.   I haven’t printed this out in a large print yet, which I think would also make it easier to critique as I think that these small web images leave a lot out.  I think that in a large print it would perhaps startle the viewer who came upon it without knowing it was there.  Which then makes me wonder if that impression would last, as something to be viewed day after day on a wall. Which is something we should all think about when viewing pictures.  I think that decorating with photographs is great, but not if they don’t occasionally pull you in, or act as a metaphor to remind you of an aspect of life.


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