Train Trip Down

The best laid plans…. I had hoped to do a more concise story about taking Amtrak from Seattle to Eugen OR, but life intervened, so I’m going to share a few more photo’s and a few parting thoughts.

This past week the finalists for receiving the new stimulus money for rail travel were announced and, to no ones surprise, the Seattle/Portland corridor was one of the ones selected for upgrades.  The intent is do develop the rail lines so that the trip while be an hour shorter.  I look forward to that point.  I think that a high speed rail system from Vancouver BC to Los Angeles, CA would be a great thing.  With the air travel becoming more and more of a security headache and with the frustration of having to take forever to just get on a plane as well as the horrible conditions once on a plane, a train would just be a very welcome alternative for the West Coast.  Bottom line, you owe it to yourself to at least do it once so you can decide for yourself.


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