Rough Skinned Newt

Rough Skinned Newt

While visiting my sister in Eugene, OR, we took a hike in the Alsea Falls area.  Hhiking along I looked down, and saw what I thought was a salamander on the trail.  Turns out it’s a rough skinned newt.  They are known for their  highly toxic skin which keeps them from being eaten by almost everything except the common garter snake. Their skin has enough toxin to kill 2.5 average humans!  Although they are often handled, care should be taken to wash your hands carefully afterward.  Me, I’m going just admire from a distance.

I always enjoy finding new things in the woods.  I’m amazed, after spending so many years out hiking in the North West, how I haven’t seen one of these before.  It added a highlight to a great day out.


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