Landscapes – Flatland

I’ve spent most of my life in or very close to mountains.  But never so far from the flats that I could have driven no more than a couple of hours to find farm land similar to these images.  But the recent train photo’s opened up a world of these views to me that I hadn’t really concentrated on before.

There’s a strong affect on me from the flatness of the land around Eugene.  The rows of Filberts, the huge expanse of fields dedicated to growing grass for seed stretching for miles.  As a subject for landscape, they are the antithesis of my visual heart which seeks the dramatic spires of rock arising above alpine.

But I’m now drawn to these images that I’ve captured.  In the process of making small adjustments I find myself just looking at them, on screen for minutes at a time.  They evoke in me a sense of a dreamy loneliness.  Of the promise of hot, humid summer days and cold, windy winter nights.

The plowed furrows against fences and stretching to the horizon offers a simplistic view, often naturally divided to the compositional friend, the rule of thirds.  The distant buildings appearing as highlights in an otherwise continuous stretch of rhythmic lines. The furrows holding water from the frequent rains adding further highlights.  The soils even hue’s lend themselves to a warmer hint of sepia.

I wish the blog’s format could allow a much larger view.  The constraint doesn’t allow for the image to pull you in like a full 19 inch width view does.  The image works much better when you have to move into it, with your eye compelled to move from edge to edge.


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