Eagle Flies Over Gazzum

About a month ago, while I was on my hike through Gazzum I heard the cries of an bald eagle.  I went down by the lake, and with binoculars searched the surrounding tree tops and, sure enough, across the lake, the white head could be seen.  Since then, I’ve made a point of looking for it and have now seen it several times.  Last week, I made the point of stopping before taking the last 20 yards of the trail to the lake and mounted my old, manual zoom lens before slowly walking down.  I was all set to see the eagle, but even so I was surprised to see that it was on the shore directly in front of me!  Without a fast focusing, high power zoom lens, it’s difficult to get a good photograph of birds.  Even one as big as an eagle.  Despite my slow approach, it sensed me and flew off quickly, leaving me to snapping away while adjusting manually.  The result of which is the the shot here.  The eagle is in the final stages of changing into it’s adult plumage.  It still has some mottling in it’s feathers.  So I assume that it has now dispersed from it’s birth area and is seeking a home area.  I hope that it adopts Gazzum permanently and eventually finds a mate and builds a nest.  The recovery of the Bald Eagle in my lifetime is fantastic.  And to see it spreading back to it’s historic range means that more and more people will see the eagles in places that haven’t heard their cries in almost 100 years.


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