Photography – Individual Epressions of an Inner Self

In The Tao of Photography, ” …the unliberated photographer is usually described as a mindless imitator.”

There was a discussion on another site about the qualities of a set of images and the text that accompanied them that gave me pause to think about the photographic journey. In that set of photographs the author describes the journey of how, by attempting to teach his partner photography, her  first blurry images  taught him to see in a new way.

I began taking photo’s with intention in 2006 at the age of 47.  As I’ve stated before, I’m now at a place I would never have considered when I first started out taking pictures.  The first time that the camera really “spoke” to me and showed me a different view than expected was when I captured this image. This changed me from a pretty landscape seeker to a compelling image seeker.

Birthing Pandora

Click to view larger

When I downloaded the image on the computer the “face” on the left popped out.  Then the other semi-faces and the somewhat “baby” in the womb headed out image.   This driftwood log was at the base of a large crumbling sand cliff and was soon buried.

I’m thinking now about the “compelling image” taker role and it’s implications of a need for an audience.  About the idea of capturing light when there may only be an audience of one.  Me.  About the concept of imaging and the subsequent desire for validation through critique, through gallery displays, blog’s such as this.  There is a strong statement to be made that there is a form of photographic expression that fulfills a role outside the desire to share the image.  Perhaps even to make the statement that an audience may interfere with the journey by shaping future expressions.

I’m getting the sense that it might be, for me, a plus that I’ve only now started to search for ways of understanding imaging.  That I was able to emulate other accepted expressions of imaging unconsciously. Ones that made some people say “nice shot.”   And now, perhaps, with that encouragement,  can move into a different space, more authentic, more… well, me.  The journey continues.


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