Happy Birthday Girl!

Spent the evening with my baby girl.  Okay, she’s officially 28 now, but, dads you know what I mean, she’s my baby girl.

We went to a restaurant in Seattle for dinner and afterward, we spent a couple of minutes looking at the photography on the wall in the bar.  Classic shots, printed and framed well.  There was one that was just great, and that I hadn’t seen before, of Native Americans, in tribal dress, standing next to the most art deco looking locomotive I have ever seen.  Unfortunately, no title or other information was given.  We both really like it.  Which gave me pause.  Both of us like it!  I’ve wondered what the long-term value of printed images will be.  Whether, in the future, most of today’s younger people would prefer a device that displayed images electronically and not a print that is, matted and hung.  I don’t think anyone has the answer.  Knowing that prints today have a very long archival life, I can only hope that somewhere, one of my prints will last into a least 3 generations.

I think there is an inherent desire in photographers to exist through our images beyond our physical lives.  That’s the promise in portraiture, to encapsulate a sense of who we were.  Art photographers work that concept into an expression of their internal selves at that moment in time.

Regardless of the success of my images and whether any ever transcend into “art,”  I have great comfort in knowing that I have passed myself along in my daughter, a wonderful woman, who has truly transcended me.

Love you Red!


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