Steps to Glory

These stairs have intrigued me since I first noticed them when I was chugging uphill to a meeting a year ago.  I’ve been waiting for a chance to spend some time there with the camera and Tuesday worked out great.  Great light, but cold wind so that the steps were vacant for the hour I was there.

There’s a class of photographs that work as metaphors beyond the obvious subject matter.  Which was my intent with this one.  Here I was struck how the architect arranged the elements.  Red brick against a sea of concrete and glass  And a barrier in the first approach that divides the flow of stairs.   The stones arranged to appear as a rampart, merlons on a fortress wall.  There, finally at the top, raised high is the flag.  The symbol of a dream, flying against the background of the symbols of the realization of the dream.  The skyscraper housing the successful, the dream fulfilled. So close, yet so far away.   But the promise and premise is there.  The stairs empty to show the emptiness of the premise.  The lamp globes bent over as if heads bowed before the Glory, leading to the altar of the desire. There behind the flag and intentionally centered, the bare branches of a tree.  The only natural thing in the picture. But it to holds promise, of a spring, of renewal, of growth.  The cycles of the seasons and of man.


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