An “ahah” moment

I was reading Brook Jensen’s Technology Blog this morning and found his comments on the iPad interesting.   ( Lenswork Technology Blog )

I agree with Brooks, the iPad is technology looking for a purpose.  BUT, what if…

I was visiting with my parents when the iPad was announced.  I talked about it with my “step dad” who is a mac nut and has a mac air.  With one of those “light goes on moments” I looked down at his mac air and suddenly thought, the iPad was an incomplete design.

What if instead of being a stand alone system only, the iPad was instead designed as being offered ALSO as the screen portion in future laptops?  It would dock to the rest but be able to be removed.

But wait… there’s more!  Add a dock on top of the iPad/Screen so that you could dock your iPhone.  NOW you have wifi capability so the standalone iPad has connectivity as well as an application interface.  You could eliminate the need for a separate wifi in the laptop.  You could charge both the screen and phone’s battery off the base.  You could carry all or just the screen.  You could have a base at home and one at the office so no need for both.  You could read all the material you downloaded at home while you are away on the iPad screen.

This is a product/feature I feel would have far more applications because it makes the laptop dual purpose.  It’s uniqueness would make it a very cool item. Imagine all the marketing potential.  And, it would have a primary purpose, the display on a laptop.  You wouldn’t have to invest in multiple products over time and have a bunch of technology sitting around.

ps  Mr Jobs if you decide to do it, I really could use a job… or large honorarium for the idea 😉

(I despise design that adds more potential high tech garbage to our landfills.  It’s ridiculous in this age of needing to build a more sustainable future that we have more product obsolescence than ever before.  I’ve written before about the need for modular camera systems to avoid high tech garbage. Continuing to add stuff without a true need, especially when it’s simply the design of the product that is lacking is inexcusable.)


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