Working In Camera – Multiple Exposures

Here on Bainbridge Island, the cherry trees and the pear’s are just past peak.  With a breeze blowing, I don’t expect them to last much longer.  So I’m working on using the clouds, blue skies and whatever other color source I can find to build up layers of dreamy smooth substrates for multiple exposures.  I’m not a Photoshop user, other than as the final step for printing some art photography.  I just don’t connect to it at all.  It frustrates me beyond description in a family friendly blog;)  But, with the Nikon’s ability to do multiple exposures, I can work in camera just like photogrphers did with film.  The following shots are all done with 3 exposures overlapped in camera.  Post processing was simply download and remove some sensor dust specks that showed up after changing lenses outside.

My technique here was to shoot the first two exposures as out of focus color layers.  As an example, point the lens at a the whole cherry tree and defocus the lens so that the blossoms became a pink, soft scene.  I’d then add a second, perhaps a similar scene of the pear tree.  And then the last exposure set the subject matter, and the final composition.

In some other scenes I took yesterday, I used 3 different bright colored cars as the base level, one red, one yellow, one orange. As well as grass, a uniform green ground cover, the sky, dark evergreen trees.  You get the idea.

Have fun! mu


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