There are a couple of trends I’ve noticed in “art” photography lately.  The first I find really interesting.  There seems to be a new look based on old looks.  Old looks being the washed out look that old machine printed pictures have, especially those going back toward the ’70’s.  Low contrast, desaturated colors with either a brownish tone or blueish tone to them.   There appears to be a an anti-straight photography aesthetic as work.  I understand that, today, it’s hard to find a technical way to make our images more unique.  As the cost of production has dramatically decreased and the accessibility to tools increased exponentially, it just stands to reason that it’s very hard to make an original statement.

So, I thought I’d do my own rendition of a similar nature.  One where I replicated the sense of what I’m seeing in those works and the other the way that I captured it.

I admit that it’s almost the antithesis of my way of working so far.  I think that a byproduct of over 50 years of looking at photo’s is an eye tuned to the saturated colors and contrasts that were hallmarks of color landscape photography. But, hey, I’ve never sold a print for $10,000 either so what do I know?


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