Doors – Changes over time

Many photographers know that it often takes time to take in the essence of our work.  Although we understand in the moment what it is we are striving for, often it takes at least 6 months away from a set of images to go back with a different view to what was achieved.  I had originally rendered this and the two previous door photo’s in a much higher contrast and saturated look.  But the overall toning is now leading me to a more natural look.  I’m finding the range of overall tones in this series to be fascinating given that they all were taken within a couple of hours of each other at the same site.  But whoever is in charge of taking out the graffiti has rendered an interesting palette, perhaps the unintended consequences of government surplus?

It is interesting to see the evolution of an image over time.  Since I shoot in camera raw, the digital negative, I have a lot of latitude over the final result.  Also, I’m currently using Lightroom 3 Beta, which has brought out a much better rendering engine for raw images.  On the flip side though, I’m finding that a lot of work I’ve done previously to images now doesn’t measure up and I’m redoing them as I go along.


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