Multnomah Falls Oregon

Ok, June…9th!  It’s been way too long since I’ve posted.  Where has the time gone.  Too busy to post is too busy!  I’m in the process of looking for a place in West Seattle from which I should regain at least 2 hours a day from the current commute.  Hopefully then I’ll get back into the rhythm of posting again.

Here’s one from a recent trip to Hood River.  I took the old highway back and made stops to shoot along the way.  However it was a Sunday and despite the rain, quite crowded.  It forced me to find vantage spots that did not include the crowds all vying for a spot to click away with their point and shoots.  Lugging a full frame with fast lenses attached to a suitable tripod always garners comments and it was often difficult to concentrate on the composition with a constant stream of mostly well meaning people adding their 2 cents.

The other challenge was that the light was really great for everything but the falls.  The trees, as you can see, combined with the mist made the scene just perfect but was a stop too bright to really drag the shutter and let the water fall smooth out over time.  But give the total composition I think it work well enough to share.

I’m currently sitting in The Bohemian in West Seattle where I just enjoyed an amazing tapas.  Mixed nuts, olives and roasted garlic seasoned and pan warmed over an open fire.  Delicious! I’m editing the pictures of the falls and one of the owners comes over says “hey isn’t the same falls?”  I look up and, sure enough, there’s another photographers picture of Multnomah Falls on the wall just above my head.  Small world.

Multnomah Falls Oregon

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