I left from the San Juan’s straight back to the “day job.”  I didn’t want to leave the camera in the car so I took it into work to store it.  As I was putting it away I showed a couple of the images to a coworker who’s first comment was, “why do you shoot in black and white?”  He had me for a moment.  But when I downloaded the images and began to develop them I remembered why I had.  Color, monotone and duotone each have their unique way of conveying captured light.

So, here a three samples of the same image.  First, as I’ve indicated previously, the best part of digital is being able to choose how you want the image rendered.  And, as in this series, not being forced to have to choose one at the time of capture, like we do with film.  I like them all equally, for different reasons.  The color shows the scene with emotion, a late afternoon sun filled day that reminds me that yes, summer does finally come to the Northwest and rewards us with phenomenal scenery.  The black and white appeals to my desire to show geometry with tonal variations fully expressed from black to white.  And the final duotone image is a new way for me to add a bit of emotion, a sense of antiquity to the black and white.  All equally valid yet different in their presentation. 


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