San Juan Islands

Last week found me on the San Juan Islands with family celebrating my brother’s 25 wedding anniversary.  I only had a couple of days to join them but we made the most of the time including renting scooters and taking a short ride out to the American Camp on San Juan Island.  I quickly tired of the “buzz” of the under powered scooter and stopped a view point while they continued to ride around.  I mounted my 70-300 lens and was rewarded with the scene of this schooner beating up the straits with Mount Rainer in the background.  In the short time I was there I saw 3 foxes which I presume are very common there and they weren’t shy at all.  Over the course of the 2 days I shot over 450 images, which of course means finding the time to select and edit the best.  The downside to digital and the ease of shooting!   I’ll post them as I have time.  Tomorrow I say goodbye to Bainbridge Island and hello to West Seattle.  I’m so looking forward to getting back at least 2 hours a day from the commute.  I hope to put some of that time back into regular posting.  At least, that’s the intent.


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